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Dongfeng has 2016 has become China’s nternet outlet

in 2016, China’s Internet companies to the sea, the individual will be tested before, into a collective ", gold rush ", and will profoundly change the pattern of global mobile internet.

but why this year is the most critical window period and what are the characteristics of this trend?

, from the beginning of 10 years ago, there Chinese Internet companies began to expand overseas markets, in recent years, more has covered dozens of applications, the emergence of more cheetah CleanMaster, eggplant fast transfer to create multiple " wall flower wall incense " the successful case, but until 2015, no matter the sea and the enterprise application / content or scale, market coverage, Chinese Internet companies are not the real scale sea.

the reason is that, regardless of political form, legal rules, social and cultural, language environment, consumption, industrial base, or user habits, the overseas market environment is different from the Chinese market. This lead to the application of the developed countries in Europe and America in the China popular, very difficult in the limelight, China hot APP, overseas is often difficult to break.

and the Chinese market is large enough, the rapid growth of mobile Internet dividends, but also enough to support the development of a large number of innovative enterprises. In contrast, overseas development is too complicated and difficult, risk and return is not proportional.

so, for the vast majority of Internet start-ups, the timing of internationalization is not mature, and even no need to go out.

two, but since 2015, the situation began to change, the conditions of the Internet companies have gradually matured sea:

1, China’s domestic mobile Internet gradually solidified pattern, competition has become the red sea. BAT and its holdings / shares of affiliated enterprises, has accounted for more than 80% of the ecological, and occupy the absolute capital and flow advantages, innovators have become increasingly difficult.

2, and with the popularity of 3G/4G in various countries, the overseas market of mobile Internet environment has improved, the rapid growth of the potential size of the user, the habits of mobile Internet users has been gradually formed, the market demand is showing explosive growth trend.

3, APP China is to invest capital and manpower to local promotion, mainly depends on iOS and GooglePlay had limited official market users, whether or not to become " " explosion models; there are great accidental factors. And now, more Chinese companies can easily use the channels gradually mature:

(1): mobile phone pre installed since 2014, millet, Lenovo, HUAWEI, vivo, ZTE, Coolpad, Chinese Jin and other mobile phone manufacturers have to increase efforts to expand overseas markets. Whether it is pre installed new models, or stock models of mobile phone official application market, the distribution of forces are increasingly mature.

(2) APP distribution: Hunt >


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