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QQ major BUG query any number friend vulnerabilities

webmaster network February 8th news: QQ major BUG, query any number of friends vulnerabilities. Do you want to know what he / she is QQ and who is in contact, but have no password, can not see the top of the friend or the number, with the QQ password for several years myself to forget, those frequent contact no. QQ cannot find it, any QQ Charles friend tool, no need to know QQ password is neither logged in on this machine, as long as the QQ number, there are friends can read out. Right menu, you can talk directly to each other and friends (QQ2009 does not support), open space, album, you can export all the QQ numbers to the text file.


                  users have to provide the software download address: http://s.chinapwr.com/down/qqcha.rar, the author tested the query, a friend of qq: friends list out all the. I click on the software "check for updates" button when there is a called: wind cold ruthless   "Baidu space, the space which shows the release of the author of the software, the author tries to input the number, the results did not find out a friend of the QQ, the number of software may be friends do screen.

              I search for any QQ Charles friend tool V1.0 free version in Baidu, including Hua Jun software, feifanruanjian and other portal sites provide the download software download, netizens exclaimed: QQ privacy none. I hope the official Tencent as soon as possible.


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