Review of the week after week (10.8–10.15)

· free exchange: AdSense China of Western Union

      Google AdSense launched the remittance, remittance issues become the most discussed topic of the webmaster, a bold guess, everywhere has the inquirer, but in the end result? Google AdSense Chinese blog has given an official reply, however, we are surprised that, even free, this is the Google AdSense once again to the majority of the best Chinese national day gift! Click

for details

· advertising market next spring, mom!

      the birth of Ali’s mother, is indeed brought a small billows to Chinese personal webmaster circle a year to dull, though not magnificent, but enough to arouse the enthusiasm of the people. And Ali’s mother recommended 20 yuan activities, had to remind me of Ma, Ma has been able to bring waves to China’s network. Unable to count how many owners have been relying on Ma’s Taobao recommendation, lived a comfortable life. Ma Yun every marketing can not do without money, but the momentum is so amazing. Many webmaster for the foot above for more users with mom!

· Jing world art: be careful to prevent being cheated, who put on


          organize Admin5 art team has been dedicated to the hill, a lot of friends to provide art service is satisfactory, but the last thing other people very unhappy happened in his head. As an old customer requirements, arrange a hill art team members have worked so hard to give the customer to do, unfortunately, it is thought that perfectionism all according to the requirements of customers, finish doing, finish doing, anyway, can not satisfy him, but did not ask, but money is dishonoured. This is a typical case, warning the majority of webmaster friends, the security of the transaction must be guaranteed to find third party intermediary platform.

· non mainstream – when non mainstream become mainstream

      non mainstream seems more and more mainstream, it is not only a phenomenon of erosion is also a kind of culture, please pay attention to gourmet columnist wise stationmaster net for non mainstream related essays bring you. The mainstream is a magnet, is the focus of the core. Take advantage of the opportunity, let it be, follow it, and never look back. Non mainstream is a choice, is a stage of a life attitude, is a day of a moment of self indulgence, is a certain point of self ridicule.

· again the new despot treaty flaws new network

network is the world agent

      new network has N times of the accident >


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