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Google PageRank is not dead just modify the AP address

today, the great Joe king died, and even Google’s home page with a link to the memory of Jobs. And another thing, Google PageRank seems to suddenly disappear, specific performance is as follows: I used the Firefox extension SearchStatus does not check PR, N/A; Linkhelper PR function can not be used; test N Firefox query PR plug-in, can be used to test N; many foreign PR query tool, not use… Don’t PageRank with jobs at the


I still can not be reconciled, installed in the IE 9 browser Google official toolbar, surprisingly, to find the true Google PageRank. It seems that Google PR has not gone out of thin air, but some unofficial query PR tools can not be used.

The famous DigitalPoint

forum to find relevant information so I went abroad, many owners have encountered can not query the PR, but also have a good news: a netizen said the transfer of PageRank API error correction, and gives a correct information on the PR website. After testing, this site can really find accurate PR.

later, the problem was finally found, is the third party call PR address to the Google. We can try, Google PR is not dead. The following are as follows: http://s.toolbarqueries.google.com/search? Client=navclient-auto& features=Rank& ch=8f3b58e04& q=info:james.slaterspage.com

is as follows: http://s.toolbarqueries.google.com/tbr? Client=navclient-auto& features=Rank& ch=8f3b58e04& q=info:james.slaterspage.com

suggested that we do not do any speculation, do a good job, make good money. Article from http://s.duia.org, thank you.

query PR address http://s.tool.admin5.com

  a vote: whether to cancel the PR value? What do you think of



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