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CCTV network is false brokerage website advertising

recently, there are users posted on the site, said the CCTV website in the presence of fraud securities business. The users logged in multiple sites, and to record the pictures down with the confirmation process. This post has attracted a lot of attention. Reporters yesterday login CCTV official website hope to confirm the online version, but due to the network update, did not find the mentioned post company, CCTV also did not respond on the matter, the authenticity of the event to be confirmed.

users to verify false website advertising

netizen "track soldiers stack" June 28th in the Forum Post said, he logged CCTV official website, inadvertently found a lot of false securities business company advertising links on the site. The reporter saw, "false advertising will track stack" that is set in the official website of the CCTV program notice the next column, small sections on stock investment in.

Netizen "

said, his soldiers track stack" click to enter a title for "today a limit Niugu" version of the first link, there is a section of CCTV tips with a short text is wrote "cctv.com does not bear due to the false information of relevant laws and economic responsibility". After a few seconds, then immediately called a "Shanghai Hong Hong securities investment Co., Ltd.". In this page, a list of the company’s securities investment consulting business qualification certificate "," People’s Republic of China organization code certificate ", and at the bottom of the page, also listed the company’s ICP business license.

"track soldiers stack" and the relevant documents of the company’s query, but he logged in the Ministry of industry and information technology system for the website (www.miibeian.gov.cn) query ICP license number, but did not find the relevant information of the company. He checked the address of the company and found that the address was registered by another company, and the company had a record. He continued to query according to the "organization code of Shanghai Hongze Securities Investment Limited" on the web, but because it has exceeded the national organization code network "query time, also failed to find relevant information. However, through the two process of proof, the user has been convinced that the company is a no record, no ICP registration, no specific address, no real information on the fake investment company website".

then, he connected through cctv.com opened a company called "Shanghai Huaan Securities Investment Company Limited", "query by the SFC website login on the company’s certificate number, results are also found to have the certificate is another name for" Fujian day X Investment Consulting Co. in this regard, the netizens questioned "CCTV website login in these ads, whether through the audit". In his view, the CCTV network should be published on its website advertising authenticity bear some responsibility.

reporter confirmed that the information is false

at noon yesterday, the reporter on the issue of the user to be verified. Reporter first


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