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Find small program WeChat applet ultimate tutorial

after a year of waiting, a small program in the early morning of January 9, 2017 finally unveiled the mystery, formally launched.


along with the small program formally launched, the user can now through the two-dimensional code, search and other ways to experience the developers have developed a small program.

users as long as the update to the latest version of WeChat, after a small program, you can find the page to see a small program TAB, but WeChat does not recommend to the user through this small program.

is worth mentioning is that the small program provides a display in the top of the chat function, which means that users can use in the process of small procedures in the rapid return to the chat interface, but also can quickly enter a small program in the chat interface to achieve convenient switching between programs and chat.


WeChat applet display location

users have used a small program, the list will be presented in a small program TAB.


applet list

so the former WeChat team introduced, small programs can be shared to the dialogue.


entertainment tickets small program sharing show

Android version of the user can also add a small program shortcut to the desktop.

trial results from the point of view, the overall smooth operation of small programs, and developers are also holding a small program with great enthusiasm.

in the experience of entertainment ticket, U.S., by bus query several small programs, we can feel that developers will be the core function of APP was retained in the small program, for some of the features are discarded.

WeChat team previously mentioned in the number of public relations function in the current public number has been able to reflect the home page.

in the development of a small program on the public home page, to see the main development of small programs, click to enter the corresponding small program. Due to the same account system, the number of public concern can be converted into a lower cost of small programs users.


public number introduction page

for a number of people interested in the production of public goods, the small program and its association with the public number will greatly save the cost of development and diversion costs. For content entrepreneurs also provides a good product content tools.

combined with experience and the introduction of the previous WeChat team, small program rules have been clear.

WeChat applet does not provide the function of

1 small program in WeChat no centralized entrance. >


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