Copy code invalid Google is cheating

      I do GGAD for a long time, every time I put an advertisement in the code will backup, the code is saved to Notepad, convenient and fast in other pages (GGAD on the official website is too slow, you have to learn to keep your patience), that is where the problem is, when I the code in place, to various forums and blogs, and Post Bar publicity, including on their own websites and blogs have also done a lot of optimization, in half a month I traveled nearly 200 forums and blogs, and constantly posting messages, sometimes until 2 a.m. I was not sleepy. Pay also brings traffic to my webmaster statistics daily traffic 5000 (Master don’t laugh, this is the real flow I), the problem is I GG background display is only two digits, I remain perplexed despite much thought, it is my The code is out of the question, so I for each ad unit set up custom channels, tracking them, I found that my homepage code (first put code), all other pages of data is 0, which is why it is copied from the Notepad code is invalid (a statement, I without any modification of the code), but also can display advertising on the page, click, do not see a problem, so I put all the code to generate put into the page, start with data, the problem has been resolved, but left to the people is thinking.

      if the code is a problem (I did not make any changes), why not GG tips, or simply do not advertise, to remind the owners to put in the code, it can be fully realized in technology, unfortunately still can display advertising, still can click, but we do not have any (income, pay attention to the Webmaster: maybe an ad on a page you have been invalid, suggest that you set the custom channels for their tracking effect, avoid unnecessary losses). The rules of the game, we should more consider the interests of these participants, making some of the more humane setting, GGAD is tomorrow we need to work together to support (GG in China’s performance has been good, I also GG one of the most loyal supporters), hope GG engineers see this article that can have the corresponding improvement.

      I wrote this article for the purpose:

      first, want to exchange experience with you, I hope everyone can get their own real return.

      second, I hope you can write down their own similar problems encountered, and leave your name and QQ, I would prepare a list of million people, these problems to put forward a joint GOOGLE (people more power, there are some things we rely on to win), GG hope to be seriously, listen to the voice of our webmaster.



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