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Amoy Blue Ocean 2015 Taobao SEO search ranking optimization rules

does not always pay attention to the change of Taobao search sellers is not a good seller! As everyone knows, Taobao search ranking rules every year in recent time change, Taobao search ranking rules is the main tone ‘personalized’ search, thousands of thousands of people face and so on. Amoy blue ocean has been fighting in front of the Taobao SEO optimization.

we first recall, Taobao ranking factors mainly include: dynamic score of popularity, speed of delivery, sales, conversion rate, whether to recommend window, pageviews, shelf time, whether the public price, whether to pay treasure, Baoding gold, these factors form a comprehensive popularity, Taobao ranked default ranking.

recently, Taobao frequently make new moves, Taobao as a seller, need to pay close attention to changes in the Taobao search, and Taobao can change the rhythm tight, talent shows itself in Taobao great army, became a member of the elite. Because Taobao search in Taobao traffic has a pivotal position, therefore, it is necessary to study Taobao search ranking.


one, personalized VS thousands of people face

personalized search, essentially turning the flow up, the short term, the seller of Taobao damage is not small, because a lot of play before has not work, many shops flow cliff fall. But the essence of the so-called personalized analysis and thousands of people face, is to make the flow more accurate, improve the flow rate of conversion of the whole Taobao network.

because of the rapid development of the electricity supplier for 10 years, traffic growth is weak, dividend gradually disappear, so only the flow of accurate, can maximize the transformation, finally let Taobao eco benign development, consumers are more likely to buy goods in line with their needs, make shopping more simple! This is the core principle of Taobao search also, in line with Taobao’s long-term interests, so to a large extent, before the method has no effect, before many live very moist shops at no traffic sources, also let the extensive method of ranking more and more single brush does not work (on the brush method, we continue to study, continuously updated).

two, personalized search deduction

Taobao search more and more personalized, first of all, let’s look at what Taobao personalization is like. Now split the personalized search:

1, the buyer’s history of purchase trajectory

if you love to buy baby products that are cost-effective, but also love buy in Tmall mall above, and most of the seller is to buy the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area, the end of a keyword search, Taobao will first show that meet your buying habits of baby – high price, Tmall mall merchants, and is the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area.

Taobao system will be based on personal buying habits to recommend you to the corresponding products, the system records every time you buy and browse. For example: I usually like to wear a big brand of sportswear, like a.


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