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Mother’s day to promote timely, website promotion soft Wen vacated born

today is our great mother’s day, coincides with the weekend. Are they going home to be with their mothers or to send greetings from afar? Mother’s Day is a good opportunity for us to express our upbringing as a child. The soldier now is still in the field, there is no way to go home with their mothers, not their mother give carnations, not hard for half a lifetime mother to make a table of delicious food, not far away… Because the heart very ashamed. Only hard work, can let the mother later in life and enjoy the happiness of a family union.


we start today’s website promotion before, first to all mothers as a junior tribute: wish all mothers in the world youth and happiness. Please rest assured children outside the mother, all right, don’t worry. At the same time, I hope all the friends who see this article say to their mother, "Mom, you have been working hard," mother’s day, the promotion of many sites may be stagnant. The soldiers today and we say is the type of shopping website how to use this holiday to do site promotion.

to 99 dragon Taobao shopping network as an example, we start today to promote reading, shopping websites in the promotion of the time to seize the target customer purchase demand promotion to the positioning of your site, such as winter coats, gloves, hats, sunscreen, whitening, etc., only to seize the customer psychology promotion success. Here are some suggestions:

1 mother’s day selling soft

Before the

mother’s day comes, can launch their own website quality products according to the relevant statistics website article. When I look at the QQ news today to see, this year the net friend to the mother to send the gift has the following several kinds: skin care products, such as beauty; clothing or bags; flowers, food, etc., digital products, such as four categories. Needless to say here, many shopping sites have these products sales.

to write the soft process, we should pay special attention to recommend suitable products. Such as: digital products such as mobile phone is recommended for large screen handwriting machine, mobile phone font to be large, function is not required. Beauty should be suitable for the elderly to use. The reason is that most of the gifts to the mother in the age of 20 years, these people have a certain degree of economic capacity, can become the site’s target customers.

2 mother’s day shopping promotion

shopping website can launch promotional activities during mother’s day, such as shopping, shopping, shopping discount free postage to send carnations, packaged gift inserted to send greeting cards etc.. A lot of people in the selection of gifts for mothers do not care too much about their own purse, but as a seller we have to think about the customer. A sweet words, a whisper of blessing, a bouquet of carnations, a small card to impress customers. They know you’re thinking about him / her. He thinks your website or product is in place. To help you propaganda, a mass ten, ten hundred. You are afraid of the site no one knows a word of human nature, standing on the customer’s position to do promotion, sales.

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