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Zalm sounds alarm over aid plans

first_imgSpeaking to European Voice on the fringes of the World Bank’s annual conference on development economics in Amsterdam on Monday (23 May), Zalm described proposals to raise aid through a tax on air passengers as “more or less a dead horse”. Zalm’s views were echoed by François Bourguignon, chief economist of the World Bank.It would have been better if finance ministers had made the tax applicable across the whole EU, he said. Securing property rights and reducing red tape in particular involved low costs but high benefits. “It would be a tragedy if this opportunity to close the gap to the Millennium Development Goals were not embraced by all of us,” he said.World Bank officials said privately that in emphasising institution-building, Zalm was pushing on an open door as far as the bank itself was concerned, since this was now a focus of its operations.One bank official said that he expected that when its new President Paul Wolfowitz took over next week (1 June) he would make greater emphasis on private sector reform one of his priorities. There would also be, he believed, a tighter focus on helping post-crisis countries, especially in Africa, avoid becoming failed states and havens for terrorists.He said that while the outgoing president James Wolfensohn was “a visionary”, he had “found it hard to say ‘No’ to new initiatives”. France, Germany and Belgium backed the scheme during talks at the informal Ecofin on 14 May but not all countries are ready to introduce it.But, Bourguignon said: “I think the EU’s political will to increase development assistance is there.”Zalm admitted that the EU’s confusion over its approach to increasing development assistance risked weakening its ‘soft power’ foreign policy, with national governments putting forward competing schemes for debt relief.Zalm also conceded that the confusion sent out a poor signal ahead of the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Gleneagles in July and the United Nations summit in September where aid will feature prominently.In his speech to the World Bank meeting, Zalm called on developing countries to put much greater emphasis on making their economies attractive to private investors.“Creating a good investment climate is an area where reform can still have an enormous pay-off, creating up to 2% [of gross domestic product] extra economic growth [per year] in developing countries,” Zalm said.center_img An EU official expressed the hope that Wolfowitz would make it a priority “to broker a deal” on the contentious issue of debt relief.The US has been calling for a write-off of the developing countries’ debts to the multilateral development banks. The EU believes this course would condemn the banks to a protracted period of decline.The EU official said that if the new World Bank president could bridge the gap between the EU and the US on this issue and not simply push the US position, this would send out a positive message of co-operation. Stewart Fleming is a freelance journalist based in Brussels.last_img read more

Bassnectar Announces 2014 Red Rocks Dates

first_imgBASSNECTAR RED ROCKS DATES:Fri 5/30      Red Rocks Ampitheatre    Morrison, CO w/  Sub Focus and Kill ParisSat 5/31    Red Rocks Ampitheatre    Morrison, CO w/ Crookers and Break Science Bassnectar, will return to the Historic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado for a 3rd consecutive year on May 30th and 31st. 2013 marked another massive year for Bassnectar with the release of his Immersive Music Mixtape Sides One and Two along with his single “Take You Down”. This fall he embarked on his sold-out Immersive Music Tour which brought along his biggest and most fully realized production yet. He also revived his BassLights series with sold out dates in Miami and Hampton, Virginia along with Pretty Lights.English Drum & Bass stalwart Sub Focus and Boulder native Kill Paris will provide support on May 30th. Italian producers Crookers will provide direct support on the 31st while New York duo Break Science open the show. Pre-sale tickets will go on sale Wednesday, February 5th at 10 am MST. Public tickets will go on sale Saturday, February 8th at 10am MST.DOWNLOAD THE IMMERSIVE MUSIC MIXTAPE SIDE ONE:http://www.bassnectar.net/2013/07/immersive-music-mixtape-side-a DOWNLOAD THE IMMERSIVE MUSIC MIXTAPE SIDE TWO:http://www.bassnectar.net/2013/09/immersive-music-mixtape-side-2/last_img read more

Welcome to the Network: The Horizon Wireless Story

first_imgIt is by no means an easy task to make a name for yourself in the music scene, especially when that music scene happens to be New York City. Year in and year out, artists come and go. While some grow, others drift and eventually quit. In the world of electronic music especially, DJs and producers are here today and gone tomorrow in the blink of an eye. There are a lot of trends in electronic music, so it takes something original and interesting to actually stand out. Horizon Wireless is an example of an act that has continued to grow and evolve over the years, and my apologies for the redundancy but, the best part is that the best has yet to come.The brain-child of music lover Harrison Waxenberg, Horizon Wireless has been on a journey. While there is an incredible amount of history and lore behind the whole tale that would be impossible to cover in just on feature, we can start here.He began this incarnation of his career in New York connecting Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Paltz, Binghamton, and beyond by laying down seamlessly inter-weaving, multi-genre, and psycho-spiritual dance sets in a variety of atmospheres all across the state between 2010 & 2011. It was when he added a drummer into the mix, things started to get really interesting.The early stages of the project included the accompaniment of Sol “Monty” Montoya on the kit. By cosmic circumstance, Monty had actually been the drummer for the first electronic band that Harrison had ever seen, Digital Frontier. Together they threw down numerous mind-melding warehouse, venue, and festival sets for two and a half years. Critically acclaimed sets such as their City Bisco 2012 after-party at The Blockley and a heated throw down in the Barn at Mint Green Music Festival in 2012 were just a few of many turning points for Horizon Wireless. A standard had been set, and new heights reached.Not every show included a drummer, so the ones that did became increasingly experimental in bridging and melding the gap between the two of them. That same summer included a cerebrally explosive sunrise (or “Zonrise” as it eventually came to be known) set, as Harrison played for the (literally) “wireless” Camp Bisco closing ceremony on Silent Disco headsets.2012 also marked a historic show for both Horizon Wireless and The Capitol Theatre as Harrison became the first DJ to ever play the iconic venue, which had recently been bought and restored by Peter Shapiro. Besides being an avid music lover with a knowledgeable background, Harrison is also exceptionally good at marketing himself and others due to his solid networking prowess, as well as his deeply rooted spiritual, technological, and even corporate understanding of promotion.After a huge year for Horizon Wireless, the ride continued on as he made enormous strides into the next frontier. Consistently laying down their unique blend of intelligently layered live sampling DJ/Drummer improvisational tech-funk & house music, the name became familiar to more and more people in and around the northeast music scene. The reach actually spanned cross country due to winning the Grassroots California Mixtape Competition in as early as 2011, and Horizon Wireless continued to lock down shows in well-known venues and slots at popular festivals. In 2013 he played Gathering of the Vibes for the first time at a Silent Disco on the beach.The musical journey continued on with a number of shows being played without a drummer for both scheduling and logistical reasons. Harrison never took a step back from the action, though, and continued to deliver strong shows at every gig. Familiar and new faces would show up to support Horizon Wireless every chance they could. This proved that not only was he developing a “following,” but more importantly he had grown a widespread and loyal core group of friends who were all connected in one way or another with each other (whether or not they knew it yet), a la “Welcome to the Network.”His biggest set took during the final night of the year. To ring in 2014, Harrison directly supported his favorite band, The Disco Biscuits, at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden while Phish was simultaneously playing upstairs in the Garden. I was there, and it was awesome. I can only imagine how it must have felt for him. Horizon Wireless warmed the venue up nice and proper by mixing samples from interviews with Jon Gutwillig over minimal house. Once he had our attention, he took us on a smooth and constantly intensifying journey before ending with a progressive techno storm in which he blended his own vocal remixes while mashing up Shem-Rah-Boo, Mindless Dribble, Aceetobee, Hope, Spacebirdmatingcall, and Highwire. The Disco Biscuits came out after and absolutely crushed three sets into the early morning. It was a night that I won’t soon forget.A gig like that was one that he had dreamt of playing all his life. After it, Harrison decided to get a serious job in Manhattan, and take a break from playing too much during the beginning of 2014. He was feeling tired of the lifestyle and needed a mental reset (any and every musician/artist feels this at some point in time). It was necessary and proved to be positive in the long-run, as he came back to Horizon Wireless with a fresh head and new appreciation for the music.Monty had gotten a full-time job doing sound at Verboten, and was pretty much done playing drums at shows. Harrison played a few select shows that he felt would be fun, including Francois K’s Deep Space at Cielo with Gaudi on a Funktion One soundsystem, and the incredible “Sex on the Beach” set at Gathering of the Vibes 2014 right after The Disco Biscuits ft. Billy Kreutzmann & Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead’s headlining set. His second time back at the Bridgeport music festival (which grows more each year as one of the most popular gatherings on the east coast) was a straight up silent disco dance party – fans from all over got down to his spacey, hard-hitting beats and whimsical sampling.The musical journey continued with a number of sets being played without a drummer, but Harrison continued to deliver strong shows at every gig. Shortly after he was booked for the return of Mint Green. It was cool for him to return as it was the site on which one of their best sets to date took place. With Monty now working full weekends, he had a feeling that he was going to end up doing the gig solo; the set two years prior was so special because that’s when the live mixing/drumming improvisation between himself and Monty really first clicked. In came the universe to the rescue.Solaris’ drummer Dan Lyons contacted him out of the blue asking about guest-list spots. Harrison knew this would be a fun opportunity. In fact, Dan and Monty had been friends for many years prior, and Dan had been studying Horizon Wireless since day one. Dan accepted the challenge, and they turned out to be a perfect fit as they absolutely crushed Mint Green, reading each other like they had been playing forever while dropping tightly knit rhythms for an awesome crowd.Mint Green 2014 was the first page to the next chapter of Horizon Wireless, the start of the new and improved Horizon Wireless v2.0. From there, the duo supported Electron at B.B. Kings and The Westcott Theatre – both shows further proved to Harrison and Dan that they had something unique, evolving, and fresh. They got great feedback from music fans in New York City and Syracuse, so the new duo began finalizing their plans to push this project as far and hard as they possibly could. Horizon Wireless took another giant leap in the right direction and Harrison was ready to continue to push the limits.2015 has undoubtedly been a huge year for Horizon Wireless. The addition of drummer Dan Lyons has proved to be more than solid. The two have begun to create chemistry between themselves and the crowd as they take us from lounge-like intros to bouncy house beats, g-house & techno, tech-funk, psy-breaks, and even drum n bass grooves, all the while interweaving elements of pop and underground culture live. Lyons is a sick drummer with locked in precision and long lasting stamina. The duo has a palpably fun time together, and their tastes in music complement each other perfectly. An evolution of sound is taking place as they continue to throw down to packed rooms in the northeast, spreading their DJ/drummer experience for anyone who wants to come. Both are die-hard fans of the Disco Biscuits and have been seeing them for years, and while they’ve known each other for a while, their relationship is really starting to flourish on stage. Both of those aspects are important; they’re the two reasons that their set at Camp Bisco was so special. It took place during STS9‘s set, which would be a bummer for most artists their size, but for them it wasn’t an issue at all. They had a more than substantial crowd during their entire set as they completely shut down the Steamtown Stage. It was the first time that Horizon Wireless had a full live stage set at Camp Bisco instead of a late-night silent disco Zonrise set. They brought Mike Nasser and Manny Newman on to do their visuals, and it was an all-around success in every sense of the word. The galactic monorail continues to speed down the tracks, onward and upward. Horizon Wireless has solidified itself in the scene and Harrison is truly ecstatic that Dan has joined him on this quest. The duo talked to me about how the process of producing their own music is going (stay tuned for the release of the new Horizon Wireless & Space Jesus track, trust me) and really expanding the enigma of Horizon Wireless as a whole. They’re hungry and ready to prove themselves to anyone who isn’t sold on the project already. Harrison Waxenberg and Dan Lyons are going to come across your radar in the future if they haven’t yet, I have no doubt about this. The duo is dynamic in every sense of the word with a common goal of having fun on stage and connecting the crowd at every single show. Lyon’s drumming adds a whole new layer to Horizon Wireless. He truly is an educated and hard working player with a phenomenal ear. If you know Harrison, you know that he wouldn’t pick a drummer that rushes or drags – especially if you were at their Camp Bisco set. The evolution proceeds the past as this new chapter continues to prove how entertaining the Horizon Wireless v2.0 really is. If you haven’t seen the duo of Harrison Waxenberg and Dan Lyons perform together, make sure you do soon; I have a feeling that there will be some epic shows in the near and distant future.– Zachary FranckFollow Horizon Wireless on:Facebook // SoundCloud // Mixify // Full Circle Productionslast_img read more

Rare Q Fever Killed 2 in Nevada, Infected 8

first_imgA rare bacterial disease known as Q fever is turning up in a rural northern Nevada county that also is home to a childhood leukemia cluster, according to a published report. The Reno Gazette-Journal reported Saturday that Nevada had eight reported cases of Q fever in 2007, six of them in Churchill County. In 2006, the state had seven reported cases, all of them in Churchill County. .For more information, click here.last_img

Williamsport, Pa. Paramedic Attacked in Back of Ambulance

first_imgRelated: Protecting EMS Personnel from Assault The Sun Gazette reports the female paramedic was grabbed by her hair and clawed at her face during Friday’s incident. The report did not indicate what ambulance service the paramedic worked for. The suspect, identified as 47-year-old Orlando Wilford, was believedto be drunk, according to the report. Above, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration photo WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — A paramedic was attacked by a patient inthe back of the ambulance as she was trying to treat the man, according to areport. One of the paramedics who restrained Wilford was cut on his arm, according to the newspaper. It’s not clear what treatment the two paramedics received. The alleged attack left the paramedic with bloody cuts to herface. Two other paramedics were able to restrain Wilford until police arrived. last_img read more

Vermont utilities warn of increase in unsafe digging and tree trimming

first_imgVermont Business Magazine Green Mountain Power (GMP), Burlington Electric Department, Vermont Electric Co-op and Washington Electric Co-op are joining together in response to an increase in unsafe digging and tree trimming near live power lines. Incidents have prompted the companies to remind Vermonters always to dig safe and never to perform work, even routine yard maintenance, around power lines. Coming into contact with electrical lines—whether they’re buried or above ground—is extremely dangerous and can be lethal.GMP is alarmed to report that the company has received a growing number of reports of Vermonters entering unsafe proximity to its power lines.“Whether you are working around your home or working in construction, please survey your space before you begin work,” says Mary Powell, GMP CEO and President. “If you’re going to be digging, be sure to call Dig Safe at 811 in advance to identify any underground lines. If you must perform work in close proximity to power lines, call GMP first to be sure it is safe. Our top priority is keeping customers and employees safe,” she added.Many people make false assumptions about electrical safety. Some think that power lines are insulated from contact or may even mistake them for phone lines. Work gloves and rubber boots offer no protection against contact with a power line. “At Burlington Electric, safety is our number one value,” stated Neale Lunderville, Burlington Electric Department General Manager. “We work hard every day to ensure the safety of our lineworkers and our customers and to prevent serious injury or fatality as a result of contacting power lines. We urge all Burlingtonians and Vermonters who are cutting trees or digging to assume nothing and to contact their utility to verify safe tree-cutting distances and to call Dig Safe at 811 prior to digging.”“Power lines should not be taken for granted. We want everyone to be safe and aware of the dangers that can come from accidental contacts,” said Patty Richards, Washington Electric Co-op General Manager.  “This is no joke and lives can be put at risk..  Call dig safe and let your utility mark underground lines and please pay attention to overhead wires.  It is for your safety and costs nothing to have lines marked.”   Vermont Emergency Management Director Erica Bornemann stressed the need for greater public awareness of electric safety, stating: “After storms, Vermonters should heed warnings and stay away from downed power lines. That caution should also be exercised around any power line. Stay clear and don’t touch anything that may come into contact with lines, either, as currents can run through tree branches, tools, and other objects.”“Space, and lots of it, is the only protection from live lines,” Powell noted. “Please stay 50 feet away from overhead and underground power lines, as currents can jump or arc through the air. Don’t touch anything that may come into contact with lines, either, as currents can run through objects. Plan your work carefully, stay safe and always call Dig Safe at 811 and your local power company to report downed or damaged lines.”Here is some important safety information at the job site:• Keep all vehicles and heavy machinery – cranes, bucket and dump trucks, backhoes, front-end loaders and cement pumpers – out of the danger zone around power lines.• If a machine’s boom or bucket gets into the danger zone, or comes into contact with a power line, anyone touching the machine – or even standing nearby – is at risk.• Designate at least one employee to observe and ensure that the minimum danger zone clearance around power lines is maintained, especially when raising dump trucks beds, booms and cranes.• Always have a safety meeting at the site before work begins each day. Be sure all subcontractors on the job are aware of safety issues and adhere to site safety rules.• Overhead power lines are NOT insulated – if your body, tools, equipment or vehicle come into contact with a power line, the results can be deadly.Always call your local electric company before working near overhead power lines. It’s free.Source: BED 9.26.2017VBM vermontbiz.comlast_img read more

What not refinancing can cost a member?

first_imgThe other day the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article entitled “The Steep Cost of Not Refinancing.” There’s lots of memberlicious nuggets here to take away. The entire article can be found here.The premise of the article is that by not refinancing a mortgage loan when interest rates drop can cost a home owner tens of thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the loan.The article quotes a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research that states as of the end of 2010 nearly one in five American homeowners had not taken advantage of lower interest rates. And it states that the present day dollars a member foregoes is about $11,000. That’s a lot of money!Since then, I’m sure many have as rates were entering a low point at that time, but let’s assume that there’s still 20% of Americans who haven’t refinanced. What could that mean for Credit Unions wanting to be memberlicious?Well, let’s say we have a 10,000 member Credit Union. We know that about 60% of Americans are homeowners so in our pretend example, we’ve got 6,000 who own their home. Translate the 20% who didn’t refinance and you’ve got 1,200 members or 12% of the membership who could benefit from a Credit Union low cost refinance. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

The Book Bench

first_imgThe New Yorker:In the News: Out on a Limn, Pronoun PsychologyThe composer Philip Glass will publish a memoir with Norton.Remember the uproar over the critic Michiko Kakutani’s (over)use of the word “limn”? It’s back.Which of your favorite songs have expanded your vocabulary?The writer Sam Kean explains the weirdly smutty cover of the Chinese version of his book.On the heels of Grantland, The Classical.Roger Ebert tantalizes readers with an excerpt of his forthcoming memoir, “Life Itself.”The psychologist James Pennebaker says the way we use pronouns reveals much about us.Read the whole story: The New Yorker More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Daewoo scores USD 1.24 billion LNG order

first_imgDaewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) of South Korea has been awarded a US1.24 billion (KRW1.365 trillion) deal to build six LNG tankers for an unnamed European company.DSME expects to deliver the LNG tankers by March 31, 2019, it said in a filling to the stock exchange.Majority of this year’s newbuild orders have been won by South Korea’s shipbuilders, confirming the country’s dominance in the global LNG shipbuilding industry.[mappress mapid=”16242″]LNG World News Staff; Image: DSMElast_img read more

Ventura Harbor Dredging Progresses Well

first_imgFor the first time in several years, a major dredging effort is underway in the Ventura Harbor, and is expected to remove about 80 percent of the accumulated sand from the Harbor entrance and sand trap.About 800,000 cubic yards of sand material will be removed. The dredging efforts are managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers using $6 million in federal funds plus additional monies. Manson Construction Company is doing the work with the 26-inch hydraulic dredge, HR Morris.The effort is focused on the Main Channel entrance to the Harbor as well as the sand trap, which was completely full at the start of the dredging operation in February. This dredging scheme will conclude in early March. Dredging is essential to remove sand buildup and keep the Ventura Harbor open and safe for vessels.The last time Ventura Harbor was fully dredged was in 2008.Each year, about 600,000 cubic yards of sand moves down the coast in Ventura, accumulating at the Ventura Harbor entrance and potentially making the Harbor impassable for commercial and recreational powerboats and sailboats.[mappress mapid=”20053″]last_img read more