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Messages of individual blame for black Americans perpetuate racial inequality

first_imgPinterest A recent CDC report calls into question the widely reported belief that Black fathers are more absent in their children’s lives than White fathers – showing that while more Black fathers live apart from their children, they are just as involved with their children as members of other racial groups in the same living situations. So why is it that messages about Black absentee fathers, such as Obama’s 2008 Father’s Day address, are so pervasive in society?A new paper, published today in Social Psychological and Personality Science, suggests that such messages align with broader beliefs that Black Americans place too much blame on “the system” and instead need to hear messages that encourage individual responsibility. A consequence of that, the researchers say, is that they perpetuate structural racial inequalities.Phia Salter of Texas A&M University and her colleagues were interested in President Obama’s well-known speech on absentee dads, in large part because it was delivered in a predominately African-American church. “We were interested in whether the individual blame account of missing Black fathers gained attention because it was given in front of a Black audience,” she explains. “We thought it may not be just what President Obama said in his speech, but to whom he said it to that mattered.” It struck them that many of the critiques of his speech for ignoring societal factors were largely coming from the Black community (even this recent Op-ed). Email Share on Twitter Sharecenter_img LinkedIn Share on Facebook So led by then-grad students Kelly Hirsch and Luyen Thai, Salter join efforts with her colleague Rebecca Schlegel to design several studies that investigated the interactions between messaging, audience and third-party perceptions. First, to measure general perceptions, they surveyed participants online about whether they thought various groups (e.g., Black, White, Latino, Democrats, Women) believe that society is fair. The participants thought that Blacks reject the idea that society is fair and do so more than other groups.In a second study, the researchers asked participants to read a statement about racial inequality that either suggested that racial disparities stem from failures and inadequacies of individuals or from failures and inadequacies of systems. They then asked participants to what extent they thought various groups needed or wanted each message. They found that third-party observers preferred individual blame messages delivered to Black audiences, as this is what they perceived Black audiences ”need to hear.”In a third set of studies to experimentally test these perceptions, the researchers asked participants to read and respond to an excerpt from a speech given to either a Black or a White audience. The speech was actually an excerpt from Obama’s 2008 Father’s Day speech that was either the original text emphasizing personal responsibility or an edited version emphasizing a systemic account of missing fathers.“We found that believing the speech was being delivered to a Black versus White audience increased the appeal of an individual blame account of the speech but not a system blame version of the speech,” Salter says. “Although politicians and others who deliver speeches are likely to take into account who may be listening, prior social psychological research had not considered how third parties might take into account the audience’s racial composition.”The implication of this work – that people think that Black Americans have a tendency to blame the system too much and are in need of messages that counteract their perceptions of injustice – is troubling for two at least reasons, Salter says. “First, by minimizing or ignoring the ways in which structural inequality persists, we are unlikely to search for, endorse or enact solutions that might address these forms of societal problems.”Second, she says, targeting Black Americans with the idea that they caused their own circumstances by not working hard enough “reinforces the idea that Blacks are ultimately responsible for their own disadvantage, even when structural inequalities persist.” Therefore, these individual blame messages are detrimental to efforts to create a fair and just society.The work fits in with previous research that suggests that events that represent exceptional accomplishments of a few minority group members are used to demonstrate that race does not matter and, in turn, render policies that address racial inequality irrelevant. Following Obama’s presidential victory, for example, researchers found that people were more likely to conclude that racism was less of a problem and expressed decreased support for policies aimed at furthering racial equality.Heading into the next Presidential election, this research is an important reminder to be critical consumers of information, Salter says. “Political messages are encoded with a lot of information and the perceived audience is also a part of the message,” she says. “People make judgments about whether political speeches contain the ‘right’ message for the right audience. We should all take a step back and evaluate why we think a particular message is ‘right’ for a certain audience.”last_img read more

Neuroscience researchers caution public about hidden risks of self-administered brain stimulation

first_imgLinkedIn Share The growing trend of “do-it-yourself” transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) poses hidden risks to healthy members of the public who seek to use the technique for cognitive enhancement. Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, along with several members of the (cognitive) neuroscience research community warn about such risks involved in home use of tDCS, the application of electrical current to the brain. Their Open Letter will appear in the July 7th issue of Annals of Neurology.tDCS devices are made up of a band that wraps around one’s head with electrodes placed at specific scalp locations to target specific brain regions which transmit varying levels of electrical current to the brain to achieve the desired result, such as an enhanced state of relaxation, energy, focus, creativity, or a variety of other goals. Because tDCS devices are easily made from simple tools, the practice of self-administered brain stimulation by the lay community has grown in recent years.Cognitive neuroscience research suggests that tDCS can enhance cognition, and relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other conditions. Pinterest Share on Twittercenter_img Share on Facebook Email “Published results of these studies might lead DIY tDCS users to believe that they can achieve the same results if they mimic the way stimulation is delivered in research studies. However, there are many reasons why this simply isn’t true,” said first author, Rachel Wurzman, PhD, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation at Penn. “It is important for people to understand why outcomes of tDCS can be unpredictable, because we know that in some cases, the benefits that are seen after tDCS in certain mental abilities may come at the expense of others.”The “Open Letter” is signed by 39 researchers who share this sentiment, representing an unprecedented consensus among tDCS experts.“Given the possibility that the improper use of our articles might cause harm, as a community we felt it necessary – an ethical obligation – to explain in a peer-reviewed journal why it is that we generally do not encourage do-it-yourself use of tDCS,” she said.Their Letter details the scientific community’s many reasons for concern.First, it is not yet known whether stimulation extends beyond the specific brain regions targeted. These indirect effects may alter unintended brain functions. “We don’t know how the stimulation of one brain region affects the surrounding, unstimulated regions,” said co-author Roy Hamilton, MD, MS, an assistant professor of Neurology and director of the Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation at Penn. “Stimulating one region could improve one’s ability to perform one task but hurt the ability to perform another.”In addition, what a person is doing during tDCS – reading a book, watching TV, sleeping – can change its effects. Which activity is best to achieve a certain change in brain function is not yet known.Wurzman, Hamilton and colleagues go on to say that they have never performed tDCS at the frequency levels some home users experiment with, such as stimulating daily for months or longer. “We know that stimulation from a few sessions can be quite lasting, but we do not yet know the possible risks of a larger cumulative dose over several years or a lifetime,” they wrote.The authors also suggest that small changes in tDCS settings, including the current’s amplitude, stimulation duration and electrode placement, can have large and unexpected effects; more stimulation is not necessarily better.Finally, the group warns that the effects of tDCS vary across different people. Up to 30 percent of experimental subjects respond with changes in brain excitability in the opposite direction from other subjects using identical tDCS settings. Factors such as gender, handedness, hormones, medication, etc. could impact and potentially reverse a given tDCS effect. And, most research is conducted for the purpose of treating disease, with the goal of alleviating symptoms, with a detailed disclosure or risks as required of studies of human research subjects. The level of risk is quite different for healthy subjects performing tDCS at home.“Home users of tDCS devices need to be aware that we do not really understand how stimulation brings about the intended results or how surrounding brain regions are affected, but we do know that the brain changes they bring about may be long-lasting, for better or worse,” the authors warn.last_img read more

Carriers Talking New Alliance Proposal with FMC

first_imgThe latest market rumors on the formation of a new global carrier alliance seem to be true as companies that have been left out of the recently announced partnerships are gearing up to reveal a new alliance formation.Specifically, representatives of the liner companies are going to meet today with the United States Federal Maritime Commission to discuss their proposal, with an announcement of their plans possible today or this week, according to William Doyle, an FMC Commissioner.“I can tell you that by the end of next week there is a likelihood that another new alliance will be announced.  I will be meeting with ocean carrier representatives next.  It may not include all of the remaining eight carriers, but it could eventually,” Doyle said while speaking at the Intermodal Association of North America on May 5, 2016 in Chicago.There are eight container carriers left out of the two major alliances, the 2M and Ocean Alliance, that could be in the race for the new alliance, those being Hapag-Lloyd, Hanjin, Hyundai Merchant Marine, MOL, NYK, ‘K’ Line, Yang Ming, and UASC, along with Hamburg Sud which has a series of agreements with UASC.The talks are a response to the formation of the Ocean Alliance made up of CMA CGM, COSCO Container Lines, Evergreen Line and OOCL, leaving CKYHE Alliance and G6 without some of its key members.The prediction on potential third alliance is line with Drewry’s predictions that by mid-2017, there will be only three main global alliances comprising at the most 13 carriers and replacing the current four alliances- CKYHE Alliance, Ocean Three, G6 and 2M.The argument is supported by Hapag-Lloyd (G6) confirmation that it was in talks with UASC (Ocean Three for now) about a potential merger of container businesses.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

C.H. Robinson handles the pressure

first_imgMeasuring 38 ft 9 inches (11.8 m) in length and weighing 140 tons (127 tonnes), the pressure vessel was loaded on to a specialised trailer at the plant in Texas. Once at the port, the C.H. Robinson team negotiated to keep the cargo loaded on the truck for six days until the vessel was ready to load, without incurring any detention charges.The pressure vessel was subsequently loaded onto a Rickmers-Line vessel for transportation to the port of Antwerp. C.H. Robinson is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance (PLA), representing Canada, Singapore and the USA. www.chrobinson.com www.pl-alliance.comlast_img read more

Dresden to house national rail research centre

first_imgGERMANY: Federal funding of €5m has been allocated in the 2019 budget to establish a national railway research centre in Dresden. The centre’s work will focus on researching and developing new types of traction drive technology and other areas of railway engineering.Economics Minister for the Land of Sachsen Martin Dulig welcomed the decision to locate the research facility in Dresden, which he said was already well known for the university’s faculty for transport sciences and the Fraunhofer Institutes. Combined with the presence of a cluster of railway businesses in Sachsen that include Waggonbau Niesky and Bombardier’s assembly plants for double-deck trains at Görlitz and for other types of rolling stock at Bautzen, this meant that the city was ‘predestined’ to become the home of the new research facility, he said.last_img read more

Dominican sworn into US Supreme Court Bar

first_img 254 Views   no discussions LocalNews Dominican sworn into US Supreme Court Bar by: Dominica Vibes News – March 6, 2018 Tweet Sharing is caring! Garvin Gauss Ambrose (Fourth on the right – Blue suit)Dominican born, US based attorney Garvin Gauss Ambrose, has been sworn in as a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court in the United States in Washington D.C. in February.A native from the village of Mahaut, Ambrose became an attorney in 2005 and currently holds the position of Assistant State Attorney and Chief of the Bureau of Administrative Services for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago, Illinois.Ambrose said as a proud Dominican, he tries to take every opportunity to uplift Dominica while overseas.center_img Share Share Sharelast_img read more

NXT Announces Two Huge Matches For NXT Takeover: Dallas

first_imgSami Zayn Addresses The NXT UniverseSami comes out and says he didn’t just wrestle Samoa Joe last week, he went to war with Joe. He says his intentions have not changed and that he still wants to become the first-ever two-time NXT Champion. William Regal comes out and says Zayn does deserve to be rewarded and that he will face the newest roster acquisition at NXT Takeover: Dallas. As Regal is leaving, the Titantron starts to lose signal. When the signal returns, Shinsuke Nakamura is on the screen. He informs Zayn that he will meet him in Dallas for their match.Match 1: Hype Bros vs. Angelo Dawkins and Kenneth CrawfordMojo Rawley and Kenneth Crawford start off the match for their teams. Mojo owerpowers Crawford, who tags in Angelo Dawkins. Rawley ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody on Dawkins. Rawley hypes up the crowd and then tags in Zack Ryder. Ryder hits a body splash on Dawkins and continues the offensive attack. After a dropkick off the top rope, Ryder hits a flying forearm on Dawkins. Crawford pulls his partner out of the ring to avoid Ryder, who hits both of his opponents with a big boot through the ropes. Ryder goes out of the ring to get Dawkins and throw him back into the ring. As soon as he does that, Dawkins rolls right back out of the ring. Ryder follows and gets tripped up on the apron by Dawkins. Dawkins gets back in the ring and starts the offensive attack. The attack doesn’t last long however, as Ryder is thrown off the ropes and counters with a facebuster. Ryder is able to get to Mojo and tag him in, which resumes the fast-paced offense that Ryder and Rawley work with. Rawley takes on both opponents. After a big splash in the corner, Mojo hits a discus clothesline on Crawford. Rawley tags in Ryder and the team hits the Hype Ryder. Ryder covers Crawford for the three-count.Winners: Hype Bros(Video Package of NXT’s trip to the Arnold Sports Festival and the live shows that led up to it.)Dana Brooke and Emma Confront Deonna PurrazzoEmma and Dana mock Purrazzo for not listening to their advice about Asuka and Emma tells Purrazzo that she will beat her worse than Asuka did. She goes on the “Emmalution” can’t stop and won’t stop. Deonna says she will stop Emma, which makes Emma and Dana laugh. Dana says since Deonna is taking the match seriously, they will too. After joking about no head pat from Dana, Dana gives Purrazzo a head pat and they walk off.Match 2: Deonna Purrazzo vs. EmmaAfter a shoving match, Emma starts to attack Deonna. After a few quick offensive moves, Emma starts to punish Deonna in the corner. She puts Purrazzo in the Tree of Woe and starts kicking her in the back of the head. She untangles Purrazo, who sits down in the corner. Emma hits the Emma-mite Sandwich in the corner. After the offensive attack continues by Emma, Purrazzo finds an opening and starts to fight back. It doesn’t last long, as Emma reverses a clothesline from Purrazzo in the corner and locks in the Tarantula. After the hold is broken up by the referee, Emma pulls Purrazzo up and kicks her back into the mat. Emma then locks in the Emma Lock, forcing Purrazzo to submit.Winner: Emma Related TopicsWWE NXT Elijah Mooneyham has been a dedicated sports fan his whole life. Born and raised in Cleveland, he has his best days when his hometown teams are winning. Elijah is currently on-air talent/producer on two shows, The Main Event and The Moon Hour, where you can find on AllSportsCleveland.com. He also has an insane passion for professional wrestling, so catch his opinions on the world of professional wrestling. Match 3: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jesse SorensenCiampa is aggressive from the start of the match, throwing Sorensen into the corner and unleashing on offense. After a few knees in the corner, Ciampa removes his kneepad and delivers a running knee. Ciampa goes for a powerbomb but Sorensen reverses. The scramble that happens after that ends with a clo(thesline from Ciampa. Ciampa locks in a submission hold on Sorensen, who fights out and hits a dropkick. Sorensen gets Ciampa in the corner and starts delivering strikes. Ciampa slides out, tucks Sorensen’s head into the turnbuckle. and hits a knee on Sorensen from behind. Ciampa gets on top of Sorensen and starts hitting elbows on Sorensen. as Sorensen opens up his guard, Ciampa locks in the armbar, forcing Sorensen to tap out.Winner: Tommaso CiampaMatch 4: Asuka and Bayley vs. Eva Marie and Nia JaxBayley and Nia Jax start off the match for their teams. Jax overpowers Bayley right away and tags in Eva Marie. Bayley reverses right away and drags Eva Marie to the corner, allowing Asuka to tag in. Eva Marie tries to get to Nia Jax, but Asuka blocks her. Eva throws a forearm, but Asuka grins and starts to take out Eva Marie. After a series of strikes and kicks, Asuka hits a leaping hip attack on Eva. Asuka then grabs Eva and brings her to the corner so Bayley can tag in. As Bayley threw Eva Marie into the ropes, Nia Jax tagged herself in. Jax hits a Samoan Drop on Bayley, who was unaware of the tag. Jax takes out Bayley in the corner and then tags in Eva. Eva gets Bayley in a submission hold, which Bayley battles out of and attempts a roll-up pin. That turns into a scramble that Eva gets out of and immediately goes to Asuka and slaps her. Eva turns her attention back to Bayley, who hits a back suplex on Eva. Nia Jax tries to break up the pin, but instead hits a leg drop on Eva Marie. As the referee gets Nia to leave the ring, Bayley hits her with a running dropkick. As Eva Marie gets to her feet, she stumbles to the ropes and Asuka kicks her in the back of the head. Eva falls back into the direction of Bayley, who hits a Bayley-to-Belly and covers Eva for the win.Winners: Asuka and BayleyWilliam Regal Addresses The NXT UniverseFor the second time tonight, Regal comes out to address the NXT Universe. He commends Bayley for setting an example for how a champion should be. He also thanks Asuka for elevating the NXT Women’s Division to higher heights. He announces that Bayley will defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Asuka at NXT Takeover: Dallas.(Video Footage of Baron Corbin attacking Austin Aries during his first NXT appearance.)Austin Aries Interview With Tom Phillips and Corey GravesAfter being asked what will be different the next time he meets Baron Corbin, Aries first thanks NXT for the opportunity, saying NXT was his best option. He says after he was ambushed by Corbin and was laying on the ground, William Regal came out and apologized. Aries says he told Regal to not be sorry for him, that he should be sorry for Baron Corbin. He goes on to say that Corbin should have asked what it takes to be NXT Champion because he has been a World Champion everywhere he has went. He says he hasn’t been handed anything in his career and that a lesson will be handed to Baron Corbin at NXT Takeover: Dallas.Match 5: American Alpha vs. The Vaudevillains (#1 Contender’s Match)Chad Gable and Simon Gotch start off the match for their teams. Gable starts the match by using his collegiate wrestling background to dismatle Simon Gotch. Gotch tries to mount some offense, but Gable is able to keep offensive control. Gotch is able to hit Gable with an side kick, which allows him to tag in Aiden English. English charges at Gable, who hits English with a hip toss. Gable tags in Jason Jordan and the two take out both of The Vaudevillains. NXT takes a commercial break. After the commercial break, Simon Gotch is in control of Chad Gable. Gotch goes to the corner and tags in English. The two hit a combination of a chop and strike. English starts to isolate Gable with a submission hold. Gable starts to fight out and tries to reach Jordan, but English hits Gable with a knee to the midsection. English tags in Gotch, who starts punishing Gable before tagging English back in. English missed a diving attack off the ropes and Gable tried getting to his corner. English tagged in Gotch, who momentarily stopped Gable before Gable reverses Gotch. Gotch tags in English while Gable tags in Jordan and the action speeds up. Jordan starts up his powerful offense, taking out Aiden English and Simon Gotch. After a few suplexes and a spear in the corner, Jordan tags in Gable. Gotch pulls Jordan out of the ring while Gable gets in the ring and then knocks down a running Gable with a double boot to the face. English goes to the top rope but Gable moves out of the way. Gable ducks a clothesline from English and hits a roll-through powerbomb, as he holds on for the pin attempt. Gotch breaks up the count, but Jordan comes back in the ring to even the playing field. After Jordan goes to throw Gotch over the top rope, Gotch hangs on. Jordan goes to take out Gotch but slides under the ropes. Gotch kicks Jordan but then turns right into a dropkick from Gable and he falls into Jordan, who hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex onto the floor. English looks to catch Gable with a small package pin, but Gable kicks out. English catches a kick from Gable and hits him with a powerbomb. English holds on for the pin but Gable kicks out. Gable gets to the corner and Jordan tags himself in. English doesn’t realize the tag has been made and charges at Gable, who moves out of the way. Jordan comes in and hits a running spear on English in the corner. Jordan tags in Gable and they hit Grand Amplitude, with Gable hanging onto English for the pinfall victory.Winners: American Alphacenter_img (Recap of NXT Tag Team Championship Match from Roadblock) Eli Mooneyhamlast_img read more

Women’s Basketball Remains Perfect with 70-58 Win at Montevallo

first_img Preview Spring Hill 11/22/2016 – 5:30 pm Montevallo (1-1) had three players in double figures, led by Rayvon Christian with 20 points. Morgan Smith had 10 points and 16 rebounds. Next Game: Full Schedule Roster UWF controlled the glass, holding a 58-48 rebounding advantage while scoring 23 second-chance points on 20 offensive boards. The Argonauts shot just 36 percent but limited the Falcons to 31 percent and just 3-of-23 from outside. BOX SCOREMONTEVALLO, Ala. – Toni Brewer and Courtney Meyer each posted a double-double to lead the UWF women’s basketball team to a 70-58 win over Montevallo Saturday. Meyer had 11 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks, while Brewer had her third double-double of the year with 17 points, 23 rebounds and two steals for the Argonauts, who remained perfect at 3-0. Brewer’s 23 boards are the most in Division I or II this season and one away from tying the school record. “It was another great effort with four players scoring in double figures,” UWF head coach Stephanie Lawrence Yelton said. “Toni  was exceptional on the boards and I was pleased to see our team stick with the second-half adjustments which helped build the final margin.” Live Stats UWF will return to action on Tuesday evening when it plays host to Spring Hill in the front half of a women’s-men’s doubleheader. The women will tip-off at 5:30, followed by the men’s game 30 minutes after the conclusion of the women’s contest. It will be the Argos home opener after three games away from the Sunshine State. A big turning point in the second half came at the free throw line, where UWF was just 3-of-6 in the first half before using its aggressiveness to the tune of a 13-for-23 performance after the break. Watch Live Alex Coyne handed out nine assists, while recording five steals and five points. Leading scorer Imani Mulmore had 16 points on 5-of-10 shooting with five rebounds. UWF came out of the locker room on fire, scoring the first 13 in the period for a 41-29 lead less than two minutes into the frame. The lead got as high as 17 late in the fourth before the final margin gave the visitors from Pensacola their first road win of the season after a pair of neutral-site victories. The Argos used an 8-2 run late in the first period to grab a 17-15 lead after the opening 10 minutes. The margin was eight with just under two minutes to play in the half before Montevallo scored the final nine in the half to grab a 29-28 lead at the intermission.  Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Cox, Tubb Earn Conference Weekly Awards

first_imgTubb, a native of Fayetteville, Arkansas, finished 72nd overall with a 20:46.38 at the Covered Bridge Open to start her career on Friday evening. Cox ran an 18:46.53 – just five seconds off her pace at the Gulf South Conference Championships last fall — and finished 27th at the Covered Bridge Open in Boone, North Carolina, to open the year. She has been UWF’s top finisher in every race she has competed in since the fall of 2015. #ARGOS#Print Friendly Version These are UWF’s first women’s cross country weekly awards since October 29, 2014, when Kelley Bahn was named the GSC Runner of the Week and Sarah Carrion was named the GSC Freshman of the Week.center_img BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Renee Cox and Myra Tubb have earned Gulf South Conference weekly honors after the first University of West Florida women’s cross country meet of the season, the league announced Wednesday. Cox, a senior, was named the GSC Runner of the Week, and Tubb was named the league’s freshman of the week. It is the first such honor for each runner.last_img read more