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Happy people see more value in silver and bronze Olympic medals, study finds

first_imgShare on Facebook The team was interested in the correlation between happiness and whether participants ascribed to the gold-first (only gold medals matter) or the total-medal (all medals matter) school of thought.Researchers believed happy people would be more likely to value silver and bronze medals because of a general appreciation for life.“Happy people habitually savor even small things more than unhappy people,” said Incheol Choi, corresponding author of the study.Scientists studied 106 undergraduate students at a Korean university. Participants completed a happiness and life satisfaction scale, as well as a questionnaire designed to determine whether they believed in the gold-first or total-medal philosophy.Unsurprisingly to the researchers, happy people placed more value on winning silver and bronze medals than unhappy people.“The research most relevant to the present study concerns the ways happy and unhappy people value the frequency versus intensity of positive experiences,” reported Choi.“Happy people savor little things that occur frequently, whereas unhappy people strive for intense experiences that rarely occur,” Choi continued.Though the research is revealing, it points the way to a larger question for future research.“Although our findings demonstrated that [happy people value silver and bronze medals more than unhappy people],” said Choi, “an important question still remains: why do happy people appreciate little things more than unhappy people do?” Happy people value and appreciate Olympic silver and bronze medals more than unhappy people, a recent study revealed.The study, published in June 2016 in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, examined the happiness of participants and the value they place on the three Olympic medals.The research stemmed from the competition between the United States and China during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. China earned an unprecedented 51 gold medals (compared to 36 for the United States) during the games and claimed to be the champions. However, the United States earned a total of 110 medals overall, edging out the 100 earned by China, and claimed that this was a better measure of success. Share Pinterestcenter_img LinkedIn Share on Twitter Emaillast_img read more

San Juan College Faculty Votes To Unionize

first_imgCollective bargaining is a formal process, governed by the New Mexico Public Employee Bargaining Act, granting SJC faculty rights to negotiate with the Administration on matters of working conditions, including the establishment of a fair process to address compensation, benefits, and due process procedures, among others.  FARMINGTON ― On the heels of recent and decisive votes by full and part-time faculty at UNM, over two thirds (68 percent) of San Juan College (SJC) full-time faculty voted yes to win collective bargaining rights for faculty in a decisive victory in support of students and faculty.  The SJC faculty expressed that they sought collective bargaining in response to concerns that were detailed in a vote of no confidence of President Dr. Toni Pendergrass in 2016, which remained unaddressed by the SJC Board of Trustees. Williams added, “Our working conditions have a direct impact on our students learning and faculty see themselves as the stewards not only of their education but of their contributions beyond the classroom. We trust that the SJC Administration will join us in this noble undertaking and the continuation of the rich history established by the founding President James Henderson as an exemplary institution of higher education.” Votes were cast Dec. 3 and Dec. 4 resulting in 87 out of 128 faculty voting in favor of collective bargaining.center_img “I, along with my colleagues, are deeply committed to the mission of SJC and our student’s learning. We hope that SJC Administration will join us in realizing our vision of shared governance and transparency. We believe that together we can realize an equitable workplace that retains and attracts talent to SJC to deliver the best education for our students,” said Gerald Williams, professor of math and president San Juan College Education Association (SJCEA). NEANM News: Professor of Math Gordon DeSpain expressed that, “Good education inspires students’ desire to be life-long learners and to give back to their communities.”last_img read more

London’s housing shortage makes action by policy makers more crucial than ever

first_imgBut while the networking was in full flight there was also a serious undercurrent to my week, as delegates digested the consequences of a strong property market.My week started with a London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) dinner where we started a four-day series of events designed to highlight crucial issues affecting us all.This agenda continued on Wednesday lunchtime at LCCI president Tony Pidgley’s MIPIM lunch for 80 guests. Luminaries like Nick Candy, Capital & Counties managing director and chief investment officer Gary Yardley and Dalian Wanda general manager Laurent Fischler were among the guests debating how to solve London’s housing shortage.We are clear that property needs a cohesive and clear voice to government at this crucial time, with the economic impact of a housing under-supply becoming increasingly profound.According to LCCI research, average London house prices have increased fourfold since the late 1960s and are now more than twice the national average, growing at a much faster rate than wages.As the deputy chairman of the LCCI’s property & construction group, I fully endorse its recommendation that the mayor of London should set a trigger mechanism whereby ownership of publicly-owned brownfield land is transferred to private firms for development as housing.I also subscribe to the view that the mayor should work with local authorities to increase density around transport hubs.While the likes of Tony Pidgley and his Berkeley Group are crucial to the expansion of London’s housing supply, we should also not forget the crucial role that smaller developers can play.So other LCCI arguments we were pressing to policy-makers at Mipim were that:The Greater London Authority should actively recruit smaller developers to its London Development Panel and should consider deferring payment for land acquired from public ownership until after the homes have gone to market;Local authorities should allow developers of sites under 50 units to defer payment of the community infrastructure levy until the homes have gone to market;The chancellor and mayor of London should launch a ‘help to build’ risk-sharing loan guarantee scheme for smaller developers.The other big issue we were pressing at Mipim were the stark consequences of construction skills shortages. With £95.7bn of construction output planned for 2014-2017, 20% more workers will be needed to meet pipeline demand than were needed from 2010 to 2013.This translates to more than 600,000 workers needed on site next month, with a significant increase needed in roofers, bricklayers, scaffolders and electricians after so many left the industry following the great crash of 2008.To that end we used Mipim to call for:Local authorities to employ a more flexible definition of local labour when setting section 106 requirements to allow apprentices to move across boroughs and complete their training;The government to review the impact of proposed changes to the apprenticeship funding system to minimise the financial and administrative burden to small and medium-sized enterprises;The Skills Funding Agency to convene industry bodies and representatives to redesign training and apprenticeship frameworks to reflect modern methods of construction.These measures are needed because interest in London residential property remains incredibly strong.British buyers returned in force last year and are now being joined by an ever-widening set of overseas investors.In March alone, CBRE Residential has held an event for Chinese buyers at our Henrietta House base, played host to 45 Russian women to mark International Women’s Day and been on sales missions to Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Turkey.Settling the election first time round would be a very positive step, particularly with the political agenda I have outlined above.But my Mipim week wasn’t all about lobbying. Our annual Tuesday-evening dinner has become a residential market fixture and we met dozens of clients in an informal environment with a relaxed atmosphere.My favourite moment? Walking down the Croisette in a hurry and on the phone and crossing paths with Legal & General’s head of real assets Bill Hughes, who was likewise busy with his phone to his ear. How to respond? A simple high-five did us both very well indeed.Mark Collins is chairman of CBRE Residentiallast_img read more

Roll Another One

first_imgFor those of us who lived the peace and love dream (even if we don’t remember), it is inconceivable that marijuana is becoming legal, especially in New York state. In Colorado, and other states and countries where smoking cannabis products is legal, you walk into a store much like a supermarket and the “products” have catchy names and come in various degrees of potency. As a hippie who smoked weed for years, I am here to tell parents and legislators who want to de-criminalize smoking what I learned: DON’T DO IT! DON’T MAKE IT LEGAL! FOR GOD’S SAKE, MAN! That’s because there is a myth going around that pot isn’t harmful. I have smoked stuff that makes my body heavy machinery I couldn’t operate. Driving a car after smoking some of this stuff would only work if it were bumper cars at Coney Island. More to the point, I hate to see some of our teenagers today make the same mistakes I made when I was a stoned teenager, mainly act like a jerk. First of all, I’d like to set the record straight with Cheech and Chong. None of your movies were funny, dudes, none of them. We only laughed because we had wicked buzzes on. But I stand by my infatuation with “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.” I’d like to apologize to all the blues singers from down south. Instead of listening to your authentic music, we listened to foppish English boys singing your music in shrill voices while wearing puffy lace blouses. I’d like to apologize to every girlfriend I referred to as “My Lady,” except the one named Genevieve, because that really was her name. I’d like to apologize further to every lady friend whom I renamed “Sunshine.” I’m personally sorry I broke up with several girlfriends because I “had to ramble” and then went back to my room at my parents’ house and “rambled” with my toy soldiers while the babes went off to sleep with the band. To the lady at Carvel: I’m sorry I made you watch me construct those sundaes, which featured everything that could possibly fit into the cup, including the dead flies in the frozen ice cream cake cooler. My hair. I had crazy, frizzy hair. A glorious crazy, curly mop, that rose into the sky and proclaimed my non-conformity. My hair, my big brother finally told me, just attracted mites and the like. Once my mother took me to the doctor and he told her I had head lice. “That’s not the only place I have them!” I proclaimed proudly, wearing them like a badge of honor. I had simplex and duplex, thank you. My hair grew at least a couple of feet high until my old man ran out of patience. Once we were sitting at the dinner table eating and he abruptly put his fork down and said loudly, “When are you going to cut that god damn thing?” “You just don’t like it because I’m not conforming to what you perceive it should look like. You are more concerned with what the neighbors think,” I replied calmly. “I don’t care what the neighbors think,” he said. “I think you look like an ass****!” I could roll a joint anywhere, any time. I once rolled a joint on the tarmac of Kennedy airport while a plane was taking off 50 yards away without dropping so much as a twig. Part of the allure of smoking was that it was illegal. That we did it despite the ever-present man looking to bring us down. It was exhilarating to be an outlaw, and I was unafraid to take on the military industrial complex. I wasn’t going to take any crap from anyone — well, not enough to jeopardize the $20 allowance my parents gave me. In other words, I was all for “Tear Down the Wall,” just not my wall. While I was overthrowing the government and studying Friedrich Nietzsche, my major in college was Corporate Finance. Ironically, I spent a couple grand on marijuana last week — companies listed on Wall Street. I’ve already lost $500 and I didn’t even smoke any. This is a flippant column, tongue in cheek. What isn’t funny is the thousands of young people whose lives were ruined because they were incarcerated for smoking. How did we get from there to here?rmurphy@indyeastend.com Sharelast_img read more

Precisive launches new innovative gas analyser

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Lynx signs CNG station deal with Nopetro

first_imgLNG World News Staff: Nopetro The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (Lynx) and Nopetro signed a deal to build and operate a CNG fueling station. According to the agreement, Nopetro will provide improvements to its maintenance facility and convert the public bus fleet to CNG.Nopetro confirmed that the station will be built at the intersection of John Young Parkway and Lynx Lane and Lynx’s switch to CNG is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2015.As reported by the Orlando Business Journal, Lynx intends purchase or lease an initial 35 CNG buses and expects to have more than 150 CNG buses within the next five years.last_img read more

BIMCO enhances bunker pricing tool

first_imgThe interactive bunker pricing tool, supported with daily information supplied by MABUX, was initially launched in October to assist members make bunkering decisions before an after January 1, 2020 – the official deadline for the IMO sulphur cap.When the tool was launched, it only covered Singapore and Rotterdam prices. Now, an additional 30 ports have been added, inclining Antwerp, Hong Kong and Pireaus.“We have seen significant fluctuations in the market over the past couple of months – fluctuations that can only be explained by the massive uncertainty about the future. It is currently not operating by market fundamentals. We hope this tool will provide our members with a helping hand, when making decisions about – for example – bunkering ports,” said BIMCO.www.bimco.orglast_img read more

New rules to tackle ‘monster’ of civil disclosure

first_imgParties in civil litigation will have to persuade a court if they want disclosure to encompass more than just certain key documents, under plans for reforming ‘monster’ levels of disclosure.According to a paper published by the judiciary, the volume of data that can be disclosed has increased to ‘unmanageable proportions’. The London Solicitors Litigators Association said this has been particularly exacerbated by the digital age.‘Searches are often far wider than is necessary, and disclosure orders are not sufficiently focused on the key issues,’ the judiciary said.The new proposals will result in the abolition of ‘standard disclosure’ and instead differentiate between basic and extended disclosure.Basic disclosure will consist of key documents necessary for an opponent to understand the case, while extended disclosure – under which parties will have to request one of five models – will be at the mercy of a judge.The reforms have been recommended by the Disclosure Working Group, set up in May 2016 by Sir Terence Etherton, then chancellor of the High Court and now master of the rolls. The group consists of lawyers, experts and judges.Under the new proposed rule, basic disclosure will be the standard method – though parties can agree to avoid it. According to the working group, a search should not be required and it could remove the need for any further disclosure.Extended disclosure will be granted on an issue-by-issue basis. Parties will be required to agree a list of issues ahead of the first case management conference and will have to persuade the court to order one of the five models.Etherton said: ‘It is imperative that our disclosure system is, and is seen to be, highly efficient and flexible, reflecting developments in technology. Having effective and proportionate rules is a key attraction of English law and English dispute resolution in international markets.’Ed Crosse, president of the London Solicitors Litigation Association and partner at international firm Simmons & Simmons, who helped draft the new rules, said: ’The proposals are not about removing a party’s ability to obtain fulsome orders for disclosure, in appropriate cases – the availability of such orders is a real selling point for our courts in England and Wales. However, not all cases justify a Rolls-Royce approach to disclosure, and the rules need to cater for this and curb the excesses.’If we want to reverse a trend of increasing disclosure costs, we need a marked change in culture and approach by the parties and the courts.’A four-month window for feedback is now open. The proposed scheme is expected to be approved in March or April.A two year pilot will run in the Business and Property Courts in the Rolls Building in London and in the centres of Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool.last_img read more

SBB orders Stadler EMUs

first_imgSWITZERLAND: Swiss Federal Railways announced two firm orders for Stadler Rail to supply additional electric multiple-units on June 9.A SFr397m order covers 19 six-car double-deck EMUs to be delivered from late 2018. These will enable service frequencies to be increase on the Zürich S-Bahn network. The second order worth SFr62m covers six four-car Flirt EMUs to operate in the cantons of Vaud and Zug from 2016. The orders are being funded by the federal and cantonal authorities.last_img

PHOTOS: DLP Victory Rally

first_img Share Tweet Share Share LocalNews PHOTOS: DLP Victory Rally by: – March 13, 2013center_img 48 Views   3 comments Sharing is caring! The Dominica Labour Party held a victory rally in Lagoon, Roseau on Tuesday evening in celebration of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Education Minister Petter Saint Jean’s victory at the Court of Appeal.The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Monday ruled, that both Mr. Skerrit and Mr. Saint Jean were duly elected at the 2009 general elections, and dismissed the appeal filed by United Workers Party members; Ronald Green and Maynard Joesph.[nggallery id=281]Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more